Health sharing ministries offer a better product than insurance companies.
Yet there’s no marketplace for health sharing.


We are creating a consumer-oriented health sharing exchange.


  • Health plans sold on our exchange are like national health plans
  • They are live anywhere, work anywhere health plans
  • Translation: far simpler than any plan offered by BCBS, UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Aetna, or Cigna.
  • All health sharing plans on our exchange are offered by 501(c)(3) nonprofits that have been operation before 1999.
  • Members of health sharing plans pay 80% less in premiums than traditional insurance.
  • Health sharing medical coverage is better e.g., $450 monthly for a family of 5 with $1,000,000 coverage per incident with no network or state limitation.
Two HSMs have been granted acceptance to the exchange initially:

Our Ranking HSM Name A Family’s Monthly Cost (Premium) Coverage Family Deductible Coinsurance Our Comments
#1 Liberty HealthShare $449 100%, $1M per encounter $1,500 $0 By far the simplest. But lacks good lower-end plan.
#2 Christian Care Ministry $192 N/A $10,000 $0 Membership is barred if you believe in marriage equality.*
[failed our ranking standards] Altrua HealthShare $275 25% after $10K $1,500 per person, e.g., for a family 5 = 1500 x 5 = 7500 after deductible 75% of first next $10,000 Bad consumer website. $10k MOOP total before plan pays for your healthcare.